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Biggest Pet Peeve

I feel the need to bitch.  I like my job. I really do, I don't love it but it's tolerable but most of my pet peeves include something about work.  However my number one pet peeve as of late is when people walk over, grab a deposit or withdrawal slip and decide to walk over to my teller station to fill it out.  I mean what the hell? 

We have a nice little table where you got the damn slip with pens and a calculator, but instead you choose to walk over to my teller station, making other people wait and try to do the math with your tiny little brain for 10 minutes.  When you finally hand me the slip, you are only depositing a $10 check and want $5 back.  What took you so long to figure that out?  Meanwhile, I'm forced to sit there and stare at your ugly mug wondering what the fuck is taking you do damn long.
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lol yes! I agree with you 100%. Sometimes it does come in handy, and it gives you a few minutes to wrap up other projects while they are trying to figure out what "cash back" means.
But for the most part...it kills me to have them do that.
I agree it is quiet a pain especially when they dont end up filling out the form correctly. then we get to do the damn job for them
I make them leave my window now. It happens all too many times. We have a line and these bastards will stand there right in front of the writing station and wait on a long line with a blank slip, come up to my window and then start feeling it out. This is where I proceed to tell them they have to go back where the pens are to fill it out so I can help somebody else.