Kim. And John, I guess. (ovaryacting) wrote in bankers,
Kim. And John, I guess.

Craziest Customer Ever...

I had this customer go absolutely crazy in the lobby over the fact I had not personally greeted her when she walked in. We have two personal bankers, I am one, and was coming back from lunch. My co-banker said hello, asked her what she needed,  how her day was going, she said that she "was going through a really tough emotional time right now and didn't want to talk to him." She then finished her transaction with the teller, and ran (and I'm not exaggerating) over to my desk I had just sat at, coming back from lunch as I was, and lost it. Just lost it. "I have $50,000 at this bank ,and you just better rememeber my face because when I come back, and you won't know when that will be, I want EVERY SINGLE EMPLOYEE at this bank to personally greet me and make me feel welcome and wanted here. You did not greet me. You DID NOT greet me. Why? Why didn't you greet me (peers at my nametag) Kim? Huh? Why, Kim?"
I kind of stared at her, trying to figure out if this was a joke or not.
It wasn't.
I'm trying to figure out exactly what happened (this is the craziest one I've had in a while and you all know how you tend to dwell on it, especially when you can't figure it out). But I am hoping she comes back soon so I can ignore her.

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