bbollom22 (bbollom22) wrote in bankers,

Counterfeit Bills

We got two of the best counterfeit hundreds I've ever seen today.  At quick glance, they had the security strip and the watermark.  Even my currency counter didn't catch it.  The thing that made the other teller look closer at them was the way they felt.  They felt slightly thicker than a regular bill.  When we looked at them a little closer, you could see the watermark printed (almost embossed) on the back and the lines weren't as sharp.  When we compared them with a real bill on the light table, the security strip was a different color.  Crazy stuff.  They were so good, I would have taken them in and the other two managers that were there today said the same. 

Unfortunately, the teller doesn't know where they came from.  We don't know if they came in a Fed strap or if they came from a customer.  I feel really bad that he's going to have to take the outage. 

Has anybody else seen any good counterfeits?
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